Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Shoe Story

Every now and then the hubby calls me just before I leave for work. "Eh, are you still at home? I forgot to bring my badge, can you bring it over to me?" Or it's his watch, or it's something else he forgot to bring to work. Once I had to cancel my morning meeting because he went to work having to give a presentation during a meeting and he forgot to bring his laptop. And it's me to the rescue again, despite the fact that I have my own meetings that I have to rush to.

Two weeks ago, he called me the in the morning again, just before I was about to leave for work.

Hubby: Eh Mindy ah, are you still at home?

Me: Ya, what did you forgot to bring this time?

Hubby: Can you go to the shoe rack? And bring me my leather shoe.

Me: Huh? You want me to bring you your shoes? What's wrong with the one you're wearing?

Hubby: I wore the brown one and the black one

Me: *confused*, Huh? What do you mean?

I walked over to the shoe rack, saw one side of the brown Croc shoe and one side of the block leather shoe.

Me: You..... hahahahaha... wore.... hahahahha.... one side..... hahahahah..... of each shoe..... hahahahaha..... to work??????

Hubby: Ya.... quickly come over and bring me my shoe. Or not I don't dare to leave my cubicle.


Hubby: Quickly come ah okay,I'm in a meeting now. Bye.


I had to cancel my morning meeting again to deliver one side of my husband's shoes to him. But this time it was worth it. I was practically crying from laughing too much the whole journey to work.

And just when I finally managed to calm myself from laughing, I saw the hubby running out of his office, wearing his brown croc shoe and black leather shoe. Hysterical laughter started again.

I love my hubby. After all the years, he is still so entertaining.