Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Paradise is waiting

Sigh... I'm getting lazy. I used to be so into my aerobics. But lately, I keep skipping them. There's always an excuse. Busy with work, sick, busy with work, got my period, busy with work. Skipped again today. :P

Need to start my aerobics again ler. Need to get my tummy nice and flat again instead of soft and squishy. Got 4 more weeks to do so before my Bali trip.

I know I mentioned that I wanted make a Bali baby, but my real intention of going to Bali is to wear a bikini on an island paradise before my flat tummy is lost forever. It's one of the items on my "Things to do before getting a baby" list.

Hubby not required for the bikini item, so I'm dumping him and going off to paradise with the girls instead. Woo hoo!

I already bought my hot little bikini (I'm sorry for not waiting for you, Mun, I really couldn't resist). I'm so excited about it, wish I could wear it everywhere. Might even be excited enough to go down to the swimming pool downstairs to fulfill my "use-the-swimming-pool-at-least-once-a-year" quota just so that I can have an excuse to wear it.

I know lots of you have given wonderful suggestions via Twitter on what to do and where to stay in Bali. But if you have any other suggestions to add, do let me know. :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Today's ramblings

I was talking to a colleague while heading towards the toilet. For some reason, when I saw somebody come out from the Ladies, I automatically went into the Gents. But nothing interesting to see la...

I have to make a tough decision later. Should I watch NCIS? Or should I watched So You Think To Can Dance? Why oh why must they have to clash?

I love love love love Glee. Please watch Glee. Even the hubby is showing a little interest in Glee. (And hubby hardly ever shows any interest in anything I likes. He only likes Gossip Girl. XoXo.). I was listening to Glee over and over and over again the whole afternoon. [click]

I can't wait for Fame, Nine and Alice in Wonderland and Toy Story. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait.

I still can't get tickets for Avatar 3D laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... I've been trying for weeks. Every time I go online to buy tickets, they are already sold out! Maybe I should be kiausu and wait until 12am to see whether I can get any.

The baby sister is applying for internship. How can the baby sister already be working? It's weird... so weird...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Penang or Butterworth?

We all know that Penang people are extremely proud and passionate about their local food and are willing to debate why Penang has the best food in Malaysia. We take our food hunting seriously, a favourite past time during the weekends. The hubby and I were talking about it and this question popped up.

We of course believe Penang has the best food, but which has better food, Penang island or Penang mainland? He is from the mainland, I'm from the island so we were debating about this for awhile and agreed on the following.

Laksa - Penang. Nobody in the world can deny this.

Bah Kut Teh - Butterworth

Char Keow Teow - The hubby insists it's Butterworth. I don't believe any Char Keow Teow can be better than Gurney Drive's, my all time favourite. He'll get me the proof next week.

Beef Noodles - Definitely Butterworth. Heng Choon Thien road. I used to cross the bridge just to have a bowl and come back.

Tom Yam noodles - Butterworth. In Chai Leng park. Really nice wan wor. I usually drink up all the soup and don't feel uncomfortably thirsty after that or have my ass burning in the toilet the next day.

Cendol - Penang

Ais Kacang - Penang

Choo Char - I have to say Butterworth since there's far more over there

Duck rice - Hong Kong. :)

As for Hokkien Mee, Curry Mee and Wan Tan Mee, I'm not crazy over them, so can't comment.

Duck Meat Koew Teow - Yin How insist it's Butterworth, the one he goes to every Sunday morning to get a free bowl. I don't dare to disagree (because it's my mother-in-law's stall :P). BTW, if you want to see Yin How in action as a professional waiter, go to the Seberang Jaya market food court on Sunday mornings. Very good business wan okay. (must help to promote a bit).

Nasi Lemak - Penang (but I don't really go hunting for Nasi Lemak in Butterworth, so not a fair answer)

Disagree if you want. But have proof to back it up. :)

Conclusion, the hubby and I agree that Penang island will win when it comes to better food, though it might be because the island is a more popular destination and therefore the food there is more "choot miah" compare to the mainland.

P/s - I know that people from the island very rarely go to the mainland. There's really a lot of good food there as well, so if you're a food hunter, you really should hunt over there as well. And now with GPS, you really have no excuse not to.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sickling weakling

I'm a little more cheerful today. For obvious reason, because it's Friday of course!

And also because I only woke up once last night coughing. For the past few nights I was waking up to 10 times coughing my lungs out. Kept waking up the hubby who once while still asleep (he didn't remember this the next day), wrapped me in the duvet and put a pillow on top of my face murmuring, "it will help keep you warm". I was already sweating from all the coughing and I highly doubt smothering my face with a pillow would help much with my coughing (I suspect he wanted to use the pillow to muffle my loud coughing instead).

I hate being sick. I shall never boast to others about not being sick for a long time. After I did that, I fell sick twice in the past one month. And those whom I previously boasted to are saying "Ha-ha" (Homer Simpson style).

But being sick does have its advantages... sometimes. Just cough pathetically and look as miserable as you possibly can in front of the boss, hoping to get some sympathy and if you're lucky maybe even a "Go home if you need to".

When you don't want people to disturb you, have a coughing fit in front of them when they ask you for something,  so bad until you lose your voice making it obvious that it's painful just to speak and then croak, "You want me to do what again?" That will scare them enough to stop coming to your cube asking for this and that.

But then they'll chase you using instant messaging instead.

And best of all, it's the only time I get to be pampered by the hubby getting him to do things for me by just giving him goo-goo eyes saying, "But I'm sick" followed by some coughing, even though I'm perfectly fine to walk to the kitchen myself to get the cough syrup and don't necessary need him to spoon feed me.

Anyway, I'm glad I'm getting better. And getting better usually is accompanied by cravings for all the good food I've been missing out. Like Nasi Lemak... laksa... KFC... cendol... mmmm...... much to the disapproval of the hubby who will say with one eyebrow raised, "I thought you said are still sick?"

Well, being sick sometimes can be selective in certain conditions right?. ;)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My space, my crap

I've been bloggy quiet lately. Don't really blog much. Not that I've gone off blogging. I actually have stuff which I wrote but don't publish. Suddenly feeling my bloggy is very exposed, very public (yea, it took me a year to suddenly realize this, dumb dumb gum gum). Friends, colleagues, relatives reading this. And then suddenly I feel like I can't write whatever crap that's currently in my head. What if it's boring, what if it's lame, what if they don't like it? Why the hell do I put my thoughts out there to be judged?

Hubby taught me something yesterday. When somebody doesn't like you, give them a BIG wonderful smile... and say, "Fuck OFF". :)

Not that I've got any reason to say it to anyone. Just that I shouldn't be obsessing about what others think.
This is my blog, my little space. I'll write the lamest, dumbest, most boring things I want to, if I want to. If I wanna blog about my reoccurring KFC cravings, or my Monday blues, or the silly things the hubby does, or my PMS-y rantings, I should. Because this little bloggy is mine, yes, all mine *psychotic laughter*.

Shall resume blogging about useless crap soon.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dearest hubby

Dearest hubby,

Happy Birthday.

Why haven't you grown any wrinkles, white hair or a big belly yet? I need you to look older so that I can look younger.

Your wife

BTW, the plan to go out with my colleagues for dinner on your birthday wasn't real and was all part of the plan to surprise you and take you out for dinner instead.

You didn't think your wife would actually forget your birthday right?


Friday, January 8, 2010

The value of RM7.35

1 raspberry Secret Recipe cheesecake = RM73.50/10 = RM7.35 per person.

Having an engineer pretend to throw in a resignation later during a 1-1 with the boss (and a wonderful actress she was), then have the whole team walk into the conference room with the cake singing Happy Birthday, then seeing the boss stand up staring at us in confusion for a few seconds only to realized that he was tricked, face turning the reddest I've ever seen, watching him jumping hysterically around the conference room holding the rubbish bin for some weird reason,  trying recover to from the shock of the fake resignation to the shock of the birthday surprise.... Fuiyoh... it is PRICELESS.

So worth the RM7.35 I tell you....


I stopped following the politics here because it's just so frustrating. Watching the local news and all the ridiculous stories that make headlines annoy me so I rather watch Oprah.

But this really saddens me. I'm just wondering, if your God is the great God you claim to be, would He say about this? Fighting over a translation of a word when there are so many other things in the world to worry about? Is this the message they teach their children? "Son, you should burn down a church whenever there's a language translation disagreement".

It's just really sad and disappointing.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Yin How's little project

On New Year's Eve....



Hammering until 12 midnight....


Early next morning...
until late afternoon (skipped lunch).






This is what a married couple with no children do when they are bored and have too much free time. :)

Hubby said he wanted to DIY his own doghouse during the holidays, which he did.
I said I wanted to sew my own DIY teddy bear soft toys during the holidays.
A single teddy bear is yet to be seen.