Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Last post of the year

Stressed out

Will resume blogging when I regain my sanity. Not sure when that will be though. Honestly, I think I'm at a point where I can no longer handle everything I have yet I stubbornly want to hold onto everything. Thankfully I have my superman hubby.

Anyway, Happy New Year 2011 (this year I turned into a Christmas Grinch thus no Christmas greetings from me). 

I've been already living in 2011 for some time. It's going to be an extremely full pack year. 

Breath in... breath out...

Friday, December 24, 2010

2010 is coming to an end. And thus it's the obligatory "end of the year" post. If I could sum up 2010 in one word it would be "Career". If you asked me at the end of last year what I hope to achieve in my career in 2010, I would never imagine I would be here where I am right now. Last year I was struggling at work and with all my personal boogie. In fact, if I could sum 2009 in one word, it would be "Depression".

Somehow while struggling with so many problems, I decided. Either I quit and leave or I stay where I am, stop complaining and just pull through. Not sure when things started turning around, but it did. :)

There of course are still things that I struggle with. But I am who I am.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The roomba awakens

Baby Roomba is alive and well after I bought a new adapter for it. Russell is unhappy with this new intruder challenging him territory. He keeps following Roomba and barking at it and each time Roomba turns around and moves towards him, Russell will panic and run away. I'm quite sure that if I leave Russell and Roomba alone, Russell will pee on Roomba while it's asleep who show Roomba who's the boss.

Roomba is so fascinating. The hubby, the sister and I kept staring at it when we turned it on for the first time. When it gets stuck, it cries for help, annoying the sister who has to get up and move it. And when it's done, it goes back to it's docking station by itself to recharge.

I can imagine though that many years in the future, our children's children will think, "what stupid robot is this which keeps bumping its head into everything".

On a different topic, I am so sick. I've got my sexy voice back.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The alien

I have an alien growing under my nose. It's the worst kick-ass reddest pimple ever, complete with a white dot on the top (after particular email, a few of us keep using the term "kick-ass" because "kick-ass" means real business. It means don't mess around. It means we are putting on our Rambo headband and going out to battle. It means do or die!!!!!!).

Today I had only one meeting so I didn't have to talk to many people. And when I do talk to people, I'm closely monitoring their eye level. Are they talking to my eyes..... or are they talking to the alien under my nose. Eyes.....? Or alien.....? Hmmmm...... There was a moment I was observing so closely that I lost track of what the boss was telling me.

Tomorrow I have meetings the whole entire day, not even stopping for lunch. So many people are going to meet the alien. Hopefully the alien doesn't feels so glamorous tomorrow and goes to sleep.