Sunday, August 21, 2011

Freak accident

I went to Pulau Tikus market today to eat lok lok. It was still early so only 3 tables were taken. If you've eaten lok lok before, you'll know that each table has a gas tank attached to it. I was eating happily until there was an explosion of fire under one of the lok lok tables in front of me. The pipe attached to the gas came out there was a big ball of fire under the table.

I panicked, got up but didn't run away because I was too stunned. Everbody else around was either running or screaming. The lok lok lady grabbed the gas pipe which was now like a fire gun shooting a long stream of fire. Somebody yelled at her to take out the head from the gas tank and as soon as she did, the fire went out.

I had no appetide after that. I kept thinking that if I or anybody else was sitting at that table, it would have been really bad. My legs would have been burnt and I would have been badly scarred.

I went home, looked at the smooth skin on my legs and thanked God that nothing bad happened. I won't be eatting Lok Lok for a very long time after this.


Ian said...

Gosh! Reminds me why I absolutely fear sitting next to a gas tank.