Saturday, March 22, 2014

Boys and their toys

The hubby and I have always been side by side since 14 years ago. And now and then, I have to go off for a business trip and leave him home alone.

And what does he do when I'm away? It's the perfect opportunity for him to buy new toys for himself. Last round it was a fish pond which I would not have agreed to because he doesn't look after his fishes.

This time is a fishing rod. A very excited hubby was showing it to me over the webcam.

Other random thoughts of my trip so far

  1. Hungarians are so friendly. I said in my previous post and I'll say it again
  2. Hungarians have 3 years paid maternity leave!! Can you imagine? And if they get twins, they get 6 years. And if they have another kid, they will continue to get another 3 years. So basically, they may never come back to work.
  3. Hungarians shake hands with everyone and will say hello to anyone that passes. If not, it's considered rude. So when one of my Hungarian colleague came to Penang, he kept shaking hands with everybody in the meeting. 
  4. Hungarians are structured people. So I can imagine the challenges when working with the very unstructured free form Americans.
  5. It's seriously so hard to pronounce and remember Hungarian names. Like how would your pronounce Szabolcs? And all of them have the same names, making it even more confusing. @.@
  6. When I went to the warehouse, I saw a package from Altera. Suddenly made me miss Altera...
I have to say, I love working with different countries and learning about their culture. 

Next stop: Back to Budapest, then to Austin


Genny said...

I want those Hungarian fruit jelly biscuits. Don't forget to buy them!