Monday, June 29, 2009

Mr. Fit

I'm trying to get Yin How to exercise more. But he's convinced that he is as fit as he should be. So I challenged him to see who could do more squats. There we were, the two of us doing squats in the living room, going up and down up and down like two psychos. He put on his cool "no sweat" macho face expression even though I knew he was feeling the strain.

After going on non-stop for 15 minutes, I gave up not because I couldn't go on, but I was getting impatient and sweaty and I couldn't stand his "no sweat" macho expression he kept giving me. So he won and was gloating like crazy, and I was sulking in a little corner. He also did 20 push ups and dunno how many sit ups to prove that he's fit.

Last night he suddenly came up to me with a genuinely worried expression, "Mindy ah, I think I'm falling sick la... my whole body is aching. My legs, my arms, my shoulders". For a second I was a little worried before I realized, THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU SUDDENLY EXERCISE YOUR UNDER UTILIZED MUSCLES OK.

He walks like an old man right now. And he's no longer giving me his "no sweat" macho look anymore. ;)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Short is life

Sometimes we think we have all the time in the world so we keep postponing the stuff we should be doing with our love ones, ignoring the guilt of not doing it today by saying we will do it tomorrow.

Until one day we turn around and they are gone forever. And at that moment the realization which comes too late come crashing down along with of the regrets of yesterday.

If I knew there isn't much time left I would

  1. Tell my hubby that he's the greatest hubby in the world and that he continues to amaze me with his patience and kindness towards everybody. I learn to be a better person from him and if I could just be half the kind person he is, I would be happy.
  2. Tell my sister that she's a strong person with a good heart, just that she has to believe in herself.
  3. Tell my childhood friends that finding friends who grew up with me and shared the happiest and saddest moments in life together along the way are truly a treasure
  4. Tell my boss that he's a great boss for putting up with me ;)
  5. Probably go to Disneyland and spend all my money in the "happiest place on the earth".

There, I said what I needed to say. Once less regret of yesterday. :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Mistakenly younger

This morning Yin How was waiting outside at the entrance of our home while waiting for my sister before going off to work. A neighbour came up and asked a very confused Yin How,

N: "Where are your parents?"
YH: "Huh?"
N: "Your parents"
YH: "My parents?"
N: "Yes, your parents, I want to speak to them"
YH: "My parents don't stay here"
N: "Then who lives here?"
YH: "My wife and I"
N: "Oh"

First of all, I found it so funny that someone wanted to speak to Yin How's parents as if he was a kid in trouble. And secondly, the neighbour wanted to complain about some noise we were making and he couldn't believe that Yin How was the home owner. I'm guessing Yin How looked like a kid, sitting there wearing his backpack and holding a colorful looking water bottle. Hehehehehee....

I'm never gonna stop teasing Yin How about this. Because he used to tease me about an incident which happened when we were in KL. The both of us entered the shop in Midvalley selling adult toys and the sales person stopped me and asked for my I.C. because he didn't believe I was above 18 or 21 years old, can't remember, while Yin How stood there laughing his head off.

But I don't think that incident is as bad as what my sister went through. They asked her for her I.C. when she attempted to buy an above 18 movie ticket. She was already 20 at that time. ;)

Yin How and my sister do look young for their age. A colleague saw my sister and I walking in a mall and asked my sister what form she is in. My sister got offended. And when all those aunties at the market talk to Yin How when he helps his mum at the stall during weekend, they always are in disbelief when Yin How says he's already married (thank goodness he's already married and certified "Mindy's property" or not he'll be a target for all those market aunties who are always on the look out to find people to matchmake).

But whatever it is, I still think it's a compliment if people think you're younger than you should be. I know I'm not as young as I used to be, but I really hope I won't look years older than my kiddy looking husband with his backpack and colorful water bottle. ;)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

When something like this happens

It's very common to receive forwarded emails or read articles in the newspaper about snatch thieves. And when we do, we usually make a note to be careful ourselves, then probably forget about the story the next minute. You'll probably do the same after reading this. But if you witness it, you'll get a different feeling.

Yin How and I were walking back from Tesco just now and was almost reaching home when we heard a girl screaming across the road near E-Gate. It was dark and they were blocked from our view by the cars parked by the roadside. We couldn't really see what was going on so at first we thought it was a bunch of girls playing a fool until the screaming got a little more serious. When it finally registered in our heads that there was a guy trying to snatch her bag, we were stunned and just froze. And before we could snap out of our shock, the guy snatched the bag away, coolly walked away, jumped onto his friend's bike and they sped away.

When the girl was screaming, there were people around. There were the guards at E-Gate who should have been quite near, there were guards at Bayswater just across the street and there were a few passersby besides Yin How and I. And when it happened, only 1 guy rushed to help but was too late. After the snatch thieves sped away, I saw the E-Gate guards walk towards the victims.

Yin How and I felt really bad for not helping. But at that moment, we were confused then shocked and we just froze. Yin How wished he did something to help but he was just too stunned. And I'm even ashamed to admit that at that moment I felt like I should just stay out of the trouble instead of helping. And it all happened so fast.

This is the not the first time something like this happened to us. Once Yin How and I were going for dimsum at Thai Thong. We found a parking spot and happily parked the car. As we opened the doors to go out, we heard a commotion of people yelling. I quickly told Yin How to close the doors and lock it. A moment later, we saw a huge crowd of people chasing an Indian guy. He struggled from their grasp and fell onto the bonnet of our car. The crowd caught up with him, pinned him against the bonnet of my car at started hitting him with a bike helmet while Yin How and I were sitting in the car in total shock watching the whole incident.

The difference between that incident with what happened today is that the whole kampung of old people rushed out of their shops/restaurants to help catch the snatch thief. Unlike today where most of us who were younger adults just stood and stared. I remember that was once discussing about this. The older generation are more likely to help out compared to the younger generation when something like this happens. I have to agree, we tend to have the "just stay out of trouble" mentality.

Honestly if the same incident happened to me again, I don't know whether I would be brave enough to do anything. I wish I were braver or at least I wish I could react faster. And I hate saying this but there's the selfish side of me that probably wouldn't want Yin How to get involve in fear he would get hurt.

But if I were the victim, I would really wish that the people around would help.

What would you have done? We could say what we would do, but when it really happens, would you be fast enough to react?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Milk Toof

I found this blog today through somebody's blog. I simply adore it and must share it. If you're gonna check it out, start from the first post.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dinner by the beach

Welcome to Tsunami Village Cafe

Great view

Really great food (must try the apple chicken... though I'm not sure whether it was shredded apple or mango, tasted more like mango to me)

Happy hubby

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Draw-and-color thingy temporary came back

Taken during Qian Fang's wedding. She was the prettiest bride ever. :)

And for some reason, my eyes were tinier than their tiny usual self in all the photos. And it happens in photos of most weddings I attend. :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Failed attempt at Yoga

I'm into the whole healthy lifestyle living thingy lately. So I decided to try out Yoga. Bought a DVD for beginners. Yin How wanted to try it out too and I told him that he will spend the first 5 minutes giggling and then go into the room and sleep.

I played the DVD and in the introduction they showed an experienced man performing an advanced Yoga pose. He was standing on one leg and the other leg was pulled from behind with his arm. Yin How wanted to make fun of the pose by attempting to follow it, pulled his butt muscles in the process and crashed down on the sofa with both hands squeezing his butt, half crying in pain and half giggling hysterically.

Sigh, like I predicted, he spent the first 5 minutes giggling, got bored, then went into the room to sleep.

I have to say, Yoga is HARD. My shoulder muscles are all aching. So I must be using some muscles which I don't normally use during my aerobic sessions.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Xbox 360

Cooh huh? Makes me wonder what game technology will be like in the next 10 or 20 years...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A little sharing

After doing some sharing with WY, I'm in my sharing mood.

If you don't know about this site, check out FML. It stands for Fuck My Life where all sorts of people write in what happened to them and some entries are really funny.

Today I was taking a picture with my friend who has a camera which can pick out a certain color and only have that color show up in the picture. She chose yellow because of the yellow on my dress, and when she showed me the picture the sash wasn't the only yellow thing-my teeth showed up too. FML

Today, while laying out, I kept feeling something misty, like a spray bottle. Curious as to what it was since it kept coming, I looked up, only to see the painters were peeing over the side of the house, and the heavy breeze was turning their piss into a refreshing mist for me. FML

Today, I went to a barbecue and noticed a girl that I had be interested in. When I walked up to ask how she was doing I noticed she had some BBQ sauce on her face. Jokingly I licked my thumb and reach to remove it. It turned out to be a scab from a pimple she had popped earlier. FML

Today, I was putting on cream and my son asked what it was for. I told him it was to keep the wrinkles away. He looked at me closely and replied, "I don't think it's working." FML

Today, I was eating a sandwich on my bed. I felt something wet on my leg and assumed a tomato had fallen off my sandwich. Without looking I popped it in my mouth, WRONG, it was a hairball my cat had thrown up. FML

Also, if you are a twitter user, you really have got to use TwitterFox. It will save you the hassle of going to the twitter website to update your status. And you get to receive twitter updates almost instantly. It fits nicely at the corner on your FireFox browser as a small little symbol and when you click on it, it looks like the below. It's a really cool tool to have. :)

Music which inspires

I'm into a lot of things. I love beautiful photographs, art, music... anything inspiring which can touch something deep within. So when I entered the blogging world, I found so many things that I love.

I found this from somebody's blog. It's one of the most beautiful music arrangements I heard. It made the original songs sound so much nicer. And I love Jon Schmidt's music. I used one of his songs in my wedding slideshow and the song made the story in the slideshow seem so much beautiful. :)

Enjoy the video below. Use the song below in a slideshow of your most cherish photos and there will be magic.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Welcome, little one

Hello, little U-Shern. Welcome to this world.

I went over to visit the happy but tired mother. When I reached there, I was lucky enough to see the nurse pushing U-Shern out from the room back to the nursery but couldn't take out my camera fast enough. Little U-Shern is actually quite a big baby boy. :)

The happy new father wanted to make the tired new mother happy by buying instant noodles for her but ended up getting scolded that instant noodles are not exactly the best thing for a recovering mother to be eating right now... hehehehe...

Congratulations Shu-Yin and Peter!~~ I can't believe my childhood friend has a child of her own. I can't wait to carry U-Shern one day. :)


I am so sleepy. I came home late from work yesterday to an annoyed hubby who was waiting for me for dinner. But the annoyed hubby didn't complain because the annoyed hubby is a nice hubby.

At night I forced myself to stay awake because I wanted to watch Home, the film about Earth. The first 10 minutes was boring, but the rest of the film was eye opening. If you haven't watched it, you really should. When I watched it, it reminded me all those civilation stragety games I used to play where the people look like little ants. Except that this is all real.

Some people don't care about going green at all. Some people blogged that Earth Hour was for idiots. Some people used Earth Hour as an excuse to countdown to a street party.

But whatever you think about it, it doesn't change the fact about what's happening to our earth.

People don't care because they are living in ignorance or couldn't be bothered or they feel that they wouldn't make much difference. But using that as an excuse doesn't make it right. When I saw Ian bring his own carrier to the restaurant to takeaway food to avoid using plastic bags, I was inspired. When I saw Mun Yi make a stop at a petrol station to throw her trash into the recyling bins, I was inspired. So you'll never know who you are inspiring by just doing your own little part.

Anyway, I babbled so much about the film to Yin How the next day. And he's now inspired to do his part. I'm not planning to turn into a green freak, but at least now I think twice before I throw stuff straight into the bin and I try to remember bring my big green bag when I do grocery shopping.

It just feels good doing a teeny weeny part for earth.

Friday, June 5, 2009

I bumped into....

I went to Queensbay for lunch and guess who I bumped into?

Mun Yi!~~

For a moment I was stunned and confused wondering when Mun Yi changed her job to become a credit card seller. Took me some time to realize that she was there promoting her dad's e-learning site.

For RM50 a year, you get to go online to answer primary and secondary school questions. It auto-marks and explains the answers given. It emails you the scores and records the scores of all the past tests you took.

If you go to Queensbay, go and give her your support ya. But unless you're a primary or secondary school kid or have kids of your own, or you suddenly have this need to prove that you are still capable of answering primary and secondary school questions, you can't really enroll in her programme. ;)

I tried a Form 1 Science Quiz...
And didn't do so well. Hehehe.... But in my defense, I wasn't really trying very hard when I answered the questions (though if I was trying very hard, I'm not sure whether I would have done any better).

Mun Yi and her team will be at Queensbay opposite the JJ foodcourt today until Sunday. And when I say her team, I really mean her team as in she interviews them, hires them and leads them. So cool huh...

Have a good weekend!~~ Unfortunately I'm going to have to spend it finishing a paper. Makes me feel like I'm back in college rushing to pass up an assignment. Sob!