Saturday, February 19, 2011

The hubby's luck

The hubby can't stop talking about this. He won RM300 from the weekly contest Shell is having. If you check the Shell website for last week's winner you'll see his name there. He keeps going on and on and on about how lucky he is. He boasted about the time he won RM100 from a Jacob contest 8 years ago, and how he won RM6 after buying a RM3 lottery ticket (fuiyoh... that's so amazing hor).

He keeps going on about how lucky he is this time to win RM300 and how unlucky I am for not winning anything before. Only 300 people in the whole of Malaysia will win every week, you know! And he keeps boasting and boasting about it, even sent me a snapshot of the Shell website with his name as one of the winners there. He said when the cheque comes, he wants me to take a photo of him posing with the cheque and publish it on my blog.

A few days later, his car's air conditioning broke down. He got it fixed. And how much did it cost him?


Very lucky hor~~~~

Monday, February 14, 2011

The driving lessons

Last weekend, we took the sister to Bayan Lepas to learn how to drive. I make a totally lousy driving instructor. I'm more panicky then the already panicky sister learning how to drive. The first time I let my sister drive, it was just around Bayswater carpark. I sat in front, hands gripping onto the dashboard in front of me,  screaming, "Break... Break.. BREAK!!!"

Last weekend, the hubby become her driving instructor and I sat behind. I was clinging onto the seat in front. All I kept saying was, "Break... Break... BREAK!!!!" My hands were sweating, my feet was sweating. Darn, my butt was sweating in cold sweat!!!

The hubby was so calm, giving the sister precise instructions, "I want you to go straight and turn left". I was so petrified, closing my eyes countless times. After driving around Bayan Lepas area, the hubby then instructed her to drive to Goldcoast to have dinner at Hammerbay. I was, "Har?? We are going to the main roads??!!" I put on my seat belt.

I was TERRIFIED. Factory buses were behind and beside us, horning away. Motorbikes and cars overtook us on our left and right. We were on the highway driving at 30kmph. The hubby and the sister were strangely calmer than me.

Amazingly, we reached our destination in one piece. And when the hubby came out, his hands were extremely pink and he looked weak. Apparently during the whole entire driving lesson, he was gripping onto the handbar, holding onto his dear life. It was just a macho calm act he was putting on. I'm willing to bet that his butt was wet with cold sweat as well.

Next driving lesson is next week. I need one week to recover.  : )

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Same bloggy, new address

Like a breath of fresh air. :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Moving the bloggy

I'm going to change my bloggy address in a few days times. If you wanna continue following the bloggy, email me. Otherwise, there are always ways to find stuff on the net.

Goodbye Mindy's Ramblings. The more you grow up, the less innocent you become.

Monday, February 7, 2011

The absense

I don't blog so much anymore. There are a few reasons why.

  1. Ever since I took a management role, I felt like I shouldn't expose myself so much anymore. I mean, a leader of a team should always appears to be capable of everything right? What if my team discovers I'm a human being who makes mistakes, who has her ups and downs? Would I appear weak in their eyes? Would they realize that I don't always have the right answers all the time?
  2. Something happened recently which threw me into a state of depression. People don't generally talk about being depressed. Maybe because it's foreseen as being weak. Because strong people would never be depressed right? 
  3. My blog has always been for light humour reading. Lately, I'm find it hard to find the humourous side. Therefore, I blog less. To the point I'm thinking of stopping.
  4. I made a stupid mistake of sharing my blog to a person whom I no longer want to have anything to do with. I'm considering changing to another blog. I know it sounds childish, but that person only brings pain into my life and the people around me.
To answer 1), managers do feel tired. Managers do feel like quiting at times. Managers get demoralized. Managers do make mistakes. Managers are just like everybody else. But managers have to fake it until they make it. Managers have to pull everything and everybody together despite what they are feeling.

Regarding 2), I'm depressed. I cried everyday for a week. I came back bitter and angry. People say, it's okay and I shouldn't be sad. The ones who understand better asked me to cry as much as I wanted to. And even though I told people I didn't want to talk about it, some still made the effort to continue talking to me to check whether I'm okay. For that, I shall always be grateful. Because sometimes, a person in grief is a person who feels so alone. And it helps when somebody tells you they are still there.

I think we all deserve to kick and scream, drown in self pity and feel sorry for yourself. Cry your heart out. Be depressed all you want. As long as it's not permanent. As long as you recover in the end. If I want to cry, I shall cry all I want. I know there are worst situations out there, but it doesn't mean I do not have the right to feel sad.

Everybody gets depressed now and then in life. A lot of people I know admit they went through a state of depression. I do not see it as a weakness. It's part of going through the different phase in life. And when you come out of the depression, you've earned another of life's victory badge to wear.

But hey, if I can survive the Boogie, I can survive this. Same goes to you Genny. You will survive too. :)