Thursday, December 26, 2013

The latest craze

So the hubby's latest craze is this.

The Tesco figurines. Spend RM50 in tesco and you'll get one sticker. And you don't get to choose when you redeem it which makes obsessive people like the hubby crazy over the challenge to get the complete set.

At first it was just these two. Someone commented that the 2 looked like the hubby and me.

Mindy - Iron Man because I'm always yelling at the hubby
Hubby - Captain America, always happy to annoy me equipped with the shield to protect himself when I burst

And now the hubby is suddenly very concern about my toiletries.

Mindy, you need more shampoo
Eh, you need more period pads right?
Mindy ah, we need more toilet roll.

Yes... we need more toilet roll... 
So much that they are all over the place right now...

As long as he finds an excuse to buy ONE thing, he will drag me to tesco, take out his calculator and start walking aimlessly around tesco finding things to buy until he reaches RM50. And then there's the panic at the cashier counter when the total comes out to be slightly less then RM50 and we just grab anything we can reach from the counter.

He keeps bugging everybody for stickers. So when the sister wanted to introduce her new boyfriend, she sent her boyfriend to get 2 stickers for the hubby to make a good impression. And I think it worked. ;)

So this is the hubby's collection so far. And after annoying me enough, I've reached out to the facebook universe to seek for help to exchange those extra ones we have for ones we don't have.

Please.. please... let us get the complete set soon before I really run out of space to put toilet rolls.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The first project

We are starting to clean up around the home in preparation for our move next year (and I say we, I have to be honest and say it's the hubby).

And look what the hubby found under a pile of crap in the storeroom. 

My first project documentation! Written when I was 12 years old.  :)