Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I shall blog again!

Damn, I have not blogged for ages.

Sudden inspiration to start again was caused by this sudden addiction to a recent Korean drama. Was so freakishly obsessed with it that I was reading blogs for episode reviews and suddenly was inspired by the witty writings of the blogger. I shall not reveal what drama is in since I'm quite certain that when I look back, I'd be embarrassed of what I was obsessed with ( I took me 7 tries before I managed to spell "embarrassed" correctly, eshhh)

I miss blogging. I miss being expressive instead of hiding within a shell. Sigh, life can be a drag and pull you down so low that you think the hole you dug for yourself has now become the most perfect dark but comfy place ever. But, I think I'm over the boo-hoo now (at least I think so)... at least until the next boo-hoo comes along. Then I shall move back to da hole.

I have a feeling that this is a one time spark to inspiration to blog again. Oh well, let's see.

I'm so sleepy. From being obsessed with candy crush, to a sudden obsession with Korean drama, poor me has been spending late nights catering to these obsessions and feeling like a hung over piece of crap the next day at work.

Okay, that's all the random junk from my sleep deprived head for now.