Monday, August 31, 2009

The weekend in photos

Lots of sleeping

Lots of sinful food

Russell in trouble after destroying the chilli plant. Bad dog... BAD DOG..

My pak choy all dying... sad :(

Lunch at Tambun

Bought lala at Tambun. Cooked Kam Heong Lala. :)

Long weekend over dy... so gonna be having the tuesdays blues tomorrow. :(

Friday, August 28, 2009

Random points

  1. I watched Transformers 2 and I honestly think that all Transformers fans out there are in denial about how bad the movie is.
  2. My dumb dumb dogs destroyed my chilli plants. And they pulled out the ones which I was excitedly waiting for the flowers to turn into chillies. Sad. :(
  3. I’m glad August is coming to an end. It wasn’t a very nice month.
  4. Today is Yin How’s last day of saying, “Thank you for calling Dell” He found a little corner at home to be his little office where he locks me and the dogs out whenever he has to make a conference call late at night.
  5. I had a dream where Yin How married my friend instead and I had a panic attack and woke up and reached out in the dark to make sure he was sleeping next to me and that he’s still my husband.
  6. Then I had dream where the team put code into the wrong subsystem and Ian was yelling at the team on how we were going to fix this and how badly screwed the schedule was.
  7. Then I had a dream that Yin How was part of a triad gang in Air Hitam and I was kidnapped and there were bullets flying and he rescued me and wanted to seek revenge and I pleaded with him not to until the alarm started to ring.
  8. I think maybe I need to stop reading thriller novels just before I go to sleep
Have a happy weekend :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Yin How's big day out

Lately I keep scaring Yin How, reminding him that his old parents will one day pass on. And all the things that he says he wants to do with them will no longer be possible, no matter how much he wants to do so. He's a good son who always says he's going to do this and that for his parents, but I didn't want him to keep saying what he plans to do "one day" and regret it when that "one day" comes too late.

After scaring him a bit, he decided to take the day off today to bring his parents out. They can't drive, so he wanted to bring them around Penang. He had this big plan, he would bring them to Balik Pulau to eat the laksa there, then bring them to his friend's fruit farm which had a waterfall where his dad could go swimming. Then he wanted to drive them around the island and I think he wanted to bring his parents to the restaurant his parents went during their first date (yup, the restaurant is still standing after all these years).

He woke up early this morning, excitedly packed a towel and his DSLR into his little backpack. Even brought a food carrier because he said he wanted to tapoa laksa for me. He looked like an excited little boy going to a mini camping trip.

Anyway, I went home during lunch and was surprised to see his car at home. Went upstairs and found a very tired looking Yin How. Apparently his big plan failed. They went up to Balik Pulau and both laksa stalls were closed. Ended up eating chicken rice instead. And the moment they stepped into the coffeeshop, rain started pouring. So couldn't go to the fruit farm or around the island.

Why was he tired? Well my mother-in-law looks after my nephew during the day when his parents are working. So if Yin How wants to bring his parents out, they have to bring the little one out as well. And let's just say, the little one is the cheekiest little 3-year-old I've ever met in my life.

After the disappointing failed trip, Yin How brought his parents home. And his parents happily took this opportunity to go into the guest room to nap, leaving the little rascal alone with Yin How. Yin How adores his nephew (and I love how he calls me "Auntie Mindy"), but playing with him for 15 minutes and actually looking after him for a few hours are two different stories.

Being the youngest son in his whole family (including being the youngest among all his cousins), Yin How has never had the experience of looking after a kid. And looking after the cheekiest 3-year-old alive wasn't going to be easy.

The kid wouldn't leave him alone to watch TV.

Wouldn't stop touching and asking for this and that from the bookshelf (at one point starting banging on our DVD player because he was convinced that it was spoiled)

Wouldn't leave him alone to eat.

Wouldn't sit still.

Wouldn't leave him take nap (if he sees you closing your eyes, he'll attack you and hit you in the stomach)

Wouldn't stop hitting him with the watering-can (until Yin How scolded him)

Wouldn't stop fighting with the very frustrated Yin How who now started using the kid's bolster in self defense

Wouldn't stop bugging him to make Milo

After feeding him Milo, my sofa and the little rascal's T-Shirt was stained.

And after an hour, Yin How started getting a headache

I spent lunch time in total amusement watching Yin How running up and down, struggling with the little rascal. Before I went back to work, I asked Yin How, "You wanna take more leave?".

I think you know what his answer was. Hehehehe....

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant & Bar

Had a wonderful time with the girls during the weekend. Nice cosy restaurant, though I didn't think that the food was exceptionally nice. Still, a good place to go if you haven't been there before.

Pork Knuckle

Spaghetti Carbonara

Chocolate Cream Burlee (this was yummy)

The ambiance is perfect for a romantic dinner for two provided you are not sitting next to 3 loud mouth girls constantly laughing on the top of their voices. :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Yin How's little garden

Pak Choy

Ambra bonsai tree

Dunno what plant which my sister asked me to plant which is supposedly used to get rid of blackheads

Lady finger plant

Tomato plant

Chilli plant

Plant so many types of plants, but not even one tomato, chilli, or ambra or lady's finger has grown yet. Cheh.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A book and 3 movies

During the weekend I finished reading Eat Pray Love. Despite receiving a lot of bad reviews on Amazon, I still love the book. My take, if you have never been depressed, don't read the book because you won't understand.

Lately I'm actually finding the time to read the books I bought years ago, I even stopped watching so much TV (that's quite a change for somebody who once burst into tears when the TV broke down). I think I'm going through another one of my phases, I know Looi would say I'm entering his stage of life. :)

Watched a few movies. The Kite Runner is a beautiful movie. I saw the book in the stores a lot of times but wasn't interested enough to read it. But I'm glad I watched the movie. Shows what life was like in Afganistan before and after the Taliban era. Watching shows like this and Slumdog Millionare (absolutely loved that movie), I'm thankful for the life I have here.

The Terminator was disappointing. And Public Enemies was so boring that after half an hour, I found it more interesting to go into the bedroom to pluck my eyebrowns. I think Yin How was bored stiff and kept coming into the bedroom to find me but I kicked him out and forced him to watch the movie.

The rule is that whoever decides that buy that movie has to watch it until the end. Why? Because in my opinion Yin How always picks the worst movies. And sometimes it's so bad that even he doesn't want to watch it and we end up wasting money on unwatched DVDs.

I buy movies based on the following criterias;

  1. Must NOT be a superhero movie with a ridiculous superhero costumes (except for Batman, because technically Batman does not have superhero powers, only super cool gadgets and.... he doesn't wear a red underwear over a blue suit, he's all in black which is cool)
  2. Good reviews, interesting trailer, good story line (I actually sometimes do research about a movie before I watch it) or Oscar nominated
  3. Especially digg movies about life with a lesson to learn or action triller movies with a good storyline (not those filled with mindless shooting)

He buys anything as long as the DVD cover has the following criteria:
  1. Anything related to war (it can be any war... WW1, WW2, the Iraq war, the Vietnam war, whatever...)
  2. Anything with guns
  3. Anything with beautiful girls
  4. Anything with war, guns and beautiful girls (considered a bonus movie to him)
I've developed the ability to fall asleep during the movies he picks despite the sound of non-stop flying bullets magnified on the home theater system. And he falls asleep instantly when I put on one of those Oscar nominated movies with lots of dialog.

So that's how we usually watch movies together. At the very least we still accompany each other, even though it means one of us is usually deep in la-la land. :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The weekend

After the worst CC ever, feeling tired, overwhelmed and ugly, I wanted to kick back relax and spend time with my poor neglected hubby. I woke up early Saturday morning, put on my makeup and my pretty blue dress while the hubby was still asleep.

Had breakfast at Starbucks alone with the current book I'm reading, Eat Love Pray. I'm half way through the book and I love it. Hubby came down later, a little grouchy that I went down myself without waking him up.

Lunch at Edelweiss Cafe.

Edelweiss Cafe is located at Amernian Street. And if you've been there, you'll feel like mordenation has forgotten about this tiny hidden street in the middle of Georgetown. You'll get the feeling like you've been transported back into a 1940's chinese movie.

Anyway, after having lunch there, I was convinced that I could cook the same thing I had. Spent the whole Sunday wearing my pink pajamas and cooking. So there,

Beef fillet with mushroom sauce served on top of mash potatoes. Made my own salad dressing as well. :)

Went shopping and bought a new pair of shoes. Nothing cures stress better than shopping. But new shoes usually mean new blisters which I now have on both feet. :( But I am stubborn and I will continue to wear those pair of shoes even if I bleed (which happened before with another pair of shoes).

Overall, a good weekend for de-stressing. :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

To be continued


And suddenly everything seems weirdly funny. :)


Will be back when mental state has been restored.