Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Russell vs Yin How

I usually don't stay up so late, but for some reason I'm still awake watching football with the hubby. The hubby takes football betting very seriously, studying past football results the same way I study technical documents at work, before he makes a bet.

Anyway, lately he's been taking advice from Russell. Russell told him to bet on Germany instead of England and the hubby took his advice and won. Tonight, Russell told the hubby to bet on Slovakia (Holland handicap of 1 1/2 balls). But the hubby INSISTED that he wanted to take Holland convince that Holland can lead by 2 goals.

Holland was leading by 2 goals, meaning the hubby was winning. He was already boasting to Russell that he was right for not taking Russell's advice and performed a strange irish-riverdance-like happy dance in front of me and Russell when Holland scored the 2nd goal. At 90 minutes the hubby's handphone was ringing non-stop from friends congratulating each other for betting on Holland.

During the last 30 seconds, Slovakia earned a penalty kick.

Slovakia scored a goal.

The hubby was shocked into complete silence. No more riverdances from him anymore.

I was giggling like a maniac. Serves him right for not taking Russell's advice.

Yes, my dog is better at football betting than the hubby.


(BTW, in case you're wondering, Russell picks what football team to bet by choosing one of two pieces of paper Yin How presents to him. It's random, but still funny when Russell is right and the hubby is wrong)

Monday, June 28, 2010

I've got absolutely nothing in mind to blog about but feel like blogging so I'll see what junk randomly comes out of my mind.

Ever since World Cup started, I've been sleeping alone every night. The hubby is much more interested in football than me. But I don't care, because I get to have my quiet time at night, reading my book in peace with Sparkle by my side. Russell of course also prefers to watch football as well.

I miss my friends. I forget that the whole reason why I started blogging was to keep in touch with them. We skyped for the first time since one of them moved to KL almost 2 years ago. Have to say the experience was quite enjoyable. Of course it won't be the same as meeting them in person. But it's so convenient to meet up with the girls online while I'm still in my living room. And I didn't even have to put on makeup or wear a bra for the whole meet up. ;)

My cold has turned into a horrifying cough. Coughed through the whole night, woke up a few times in the middle of the night coughing like crazy, finding that the hubby is still outside watching football *rolls eyes*. I cannot understand why anyone would want to sacrifice precious sleep for a game which might not even produce a single goal. The hubby claims he was too tired to cook rice after work. But apparently he's not tired enough to continue watching football again tonight.

I need to take leave from work soon. Weekends pass to fast. I've got 35 days of leave. Don't know what's my obsession with collecting leaves. I've calculated that in another 9 weeks, my leave will overflow and I'll be forced to take a day off every 3 weeks.

Thinking of getting my own laptop. Should I? Should I?

I miss my sister. More like I'm still so envious of her. And Genevie Loo, your bedroom is still filthy even though you claimed that you cleaned it before you left. I couldn't stand it and vacuumed it today. And every time I vacuum the place and think, soon... there's gonna be a little cutie Roomba vacuuming the place for me.

Sigh... that's all for now.  Bla.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Latest foodie obsession

You know how I get my random food obsession, like KFC, kimchi, etc... Latest food obsession, duck meat mee sua soup. I've had it everyday for dinner, 5 days in a row. It's so yummy. I wonder whether I can make a week in a row.

Every time the hubby eats a durian, he throws the seed across the carpark to the trees on the other side. He's convinced that one day there will a farm of durian trees there, all thanks to him.

Okay, that's all I have to say right now. I'm sick, tired, and I've got nothing intelligent to say.

Nite nite

Sunday, June 20, 2010

This week's lessons

Lessons I learned this weekend.

  1. You should not boast to others about not falling sick in a long time.  After a few days, you will end up falling sick
  2. When sick, you should not eat only durians for lunch two days in a row. That will make you sicker.
  3. When sick and bloated with durians from lunch, you should not attempt any bedroom related activities immediately after lunch. That will knock you out unconscious for a few hours only to wake up with a foul taste of durian.

3 lessons you make you a little wiser.

Work evolution

When entering the workplace for the first time, one will go through several stages of advancement. Kinda like a computer game where you have to keep advancing to the next level. And this is how I see it so far.

When you first join the workplace, you are just a single cell, in other words you just exist and breath. Just be thankful that you have an email address to your name and a place at work where you can hide out. Other than that, don't complain and be thankful that you now exist in the big bad organization.

Yes, after just existing for some time now, you now enter the next level, a maggot. Ta-da! As a maggot, you now can function more other than just breathing. You should be able to perform some basic functions at work but you rely heavily on the help of someone else. Without their help, you are as good as a uni-cell.

Ikan bilis
At this stage, people are starting to notice you. And people are starting to remember you... maybe even by name *wow*! And because they do, then "Let's give the ikan bilis more work to do, yea!!"

Ikan kembung
Ikan kembungs are fairly independent and are able to contribute to the workforce. It's alright to be an Ikan Kembung. Ikan Kembungs are usually still happy and can be motivated. It's a stage when you start contributing meaningful work and don't have to worry about too many things. Ah... I enjoyed my Ikan Kembung days....

Now that you're a tuna, you are now very independent. You swim your own way, you are beginning to carry more weight in the work environment and you kinda know which direction you're heading now. People now see you and start to acknowledge you. But because you carry more weight, it gets tougher and you'll suddenly realize, "My Ikan Kembung days are now over :( "

As a dolphin, you are sooooo beautiful. People look up to you, people want to be you. You are now fast, graceful, and great at what you do. Ikan bilis will usually look at dolphins are say, "When I grow up, I want to be just like you!" But you're given more and more to handle and you'll be required to swim faster and faster. Some dolphins may tire and just fade away.

At stage, you'll start to notice there are very few of you at this level. It's eat, or be eaten. People who reach this level are already damn good and therefore the competition to stay alive becomes a race for survival

Blue Whale
If you manage to reach this stage, then CONGRATULATIONS! When reaching this stage, one becomes so enlightened that one becomes almost untouchable and no longer has to worry about survival. The blue whale is very rarely seen and during those rare times it is seen and speaks, others will stare in awe and remember, "The blue whale has spoken!". And anything that the blue whale says will override anything anyone else says.

So, my dear intern sister who is in between stage one and stage two, my advice to you is that, "It's okay!". Enjoy yourself. Don't be impatient. It takes lots of time and effort and with patience and hard work somehow you'll survive. :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dear bloggy

Dear bloggy,

I've got no time for you lately. And I've suddenly find it strange when people whom I don't really know, know so much about me. Makes me shy. Like I shouldn't talk so much to you anymore.

But... I misss you. Will talk to you soon.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


As of today at around 4pm, I.... Mindy... have no more pending work on the branch. I don't care if you don't understand me, I need to announce this so that I can remember the feeling of being able to breath easily. I'm fully indulging in the moment of temporary relief, freedom and sanity.

Hopefully this marks the beginning of the end of rushing to work with uncombed hair, driving with sport shoes on the car roof, restless dreams about solving bugs and talking in my sleep (I once told the hubby in my sleep, "Yin How, got colorful pills?") and rushing home after work to a sulky hubby to has to cook and wait for me for dinner.

Hopefully la.... it's good to hope right? :)

And I foresee that the hubby will not be sulky tonight. The hubby is going to be a happy boy tonight. Aha aha...


Thursday, June 3, 2010

TFB network

Something good has recently happened. At least I hope it's something good. But I can't say what it is yet because the hubby gave me the warning look of, "You shall not blog about this". So I can't blog what it is... until much later la.

And before you let your imagination run away, the news is about the hubby, not me.

The hubby somehow miraculously managed to keep this off the TFB network - Tan Family Broadcast Network until today. Which I know much has been something really challenging for him since he blabs everything onto the Tan Family Broadcast Network. I'm talking about a guy who once, during our early pak toh days, told his mum that I shave my legs. Why he thought my future mother-in-law needed to know that her future daughter-in-law has hairy legs, I shall never understand. I shudder to think whether this information went onto the Tan Family Broadcast Network.

I'm no stranger to the Tan Family Broadcast Network. Something I was introduce to when I was still dating the hubby. The Tan Family Broadcast Network is one of the most efficient networks around. They work with the policy of, "Same day delivery guaranteed".

This is how it works. You just have to briefly mention something to just one other Tan family member and by the end of the day all the Tan phones will start ringing.

"Teet... teet.. teet.. teet... Breaking Tan family news, breaking Tan family news!!!!" 
And sometimes the broadcast packet will end with, "...and don't tell anyone I told you ah"

And before you know it, the hubby's handphone will start ringing with his mum on the other line ready to nag him to death about something that happened earlier. Apparently I underestimated the efficiency of the Tan Family Broadcast when I briefly mentioned about that something to one other Tan member.

Anyhoo, I'm sure the Tan Family Broadcast is actively spreading the news since the hubby has contacted the founder of the Tan Family Broadcast Network this morning - his mum.

I know I can't blog about it yet. But I maybe will much later....

"... and don't tell anyone I told you ah"