Sunday, November 28, 2010

The newest hangouts in Penang

Like a typical Penangnite, I went to see the two new malls opened this weekend.

If you have not gone to Straits Quay yet, you have to go there. I remember when I was in San Francisco, I was wishing that Penang had a classy place to hang out like the one I went to. I remember being absolutely in love this that place my colleagues took me to. It was a place with restaurants and shoppings and a wonderful area outside to hangout. A Jazz musician at a corner hoping to get a buck or two if you felt his music was good. A man and his absolutely gorgoues golden retreiver at a bench, enjoying the evening. An old couple dancing together to the music. And the whole place was dimly, beautifully light.

Straits Quay is so much classier than that place I visited in San Francisco though you probably won't be seeing any golden retrievers there. Our little Penang island has reached another status now.

Girls, the next time we have dinner together, we are going to Straits Quay. We are going to dine beside the sea front. :)

I took a few photos with the Blackberry. It was raning so photos aren't that good. I'm sure lots of people have upload better photos. But anyway, these are the blur ones I took.

Smidapaper is there, Shu-Yin, you'll be happy.

After Straits Quay, I went to 1 Avenue. Just another shopping mall. I like the design of how to get up to Floor 8 though. That's cool. And on that floor, there's a balcony where you can enjoy the view of Georgetown.

I was trying to imagine what it would be like if all these places were around when the hubby and I first dated. During our paktoh days, there was only Pragin Mall, then later Gurney Plaza. Maybe the skinny teenage boy would have taken me up to the 8th floor of 1st Avenue for a romantic night of enjoying the view. And he might have saved a whole month of his allowance to bring me to Straits Quay for a dinner. And I would have been the giggly teenage girl thinking, "Wah... my boyfriend is so "man" ah". ;)

There is a lot to love about this little island. And once the Tanjung Seri Pinang and the Light Collection project is completed, our little island of ours is going to be even more awesome!~~~~

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The day in the year again

Every year around this time, I'll get the following questions

Before 17th Nov: What is your hubby planning for you birthday?
After 17th Nov: What did your hubby get for your birthday?

This year, people could not accept what I told them.

"On my birthday, my hubby took me to Queensbay food court and I ate porridge"

Uncle Ninian went into a fit of laughter, "Ohhhhh, he is going to be in so much trouble later".
Some replied, "And then???"
Others couldn't accept it, "Tell la, surely got something"

Well, there was once this little girl who adored her birthday. This was the day she felt like the most special person in the world, the day when she felt her parents would love her a little more than usual.

That little girl grow up and realized that she already has all the love she needs and everything she wants. She doesn't need to wait for that one day a year to feel special, or to celebrate, or to receive something she wants. Why does she need to wait when she can get that anytime of the year.

Either that, or I'm just moody that I'm getting older.

Of course, everything above is applicable except the following situation,

If the hubby forgets to buy a birthday card, HE WILL DIE!!!!!

So the hubby survives another one of my birthday. I love the hubby. :D

(BTW, one year of eating porridge on my birthday is acceptable, but not two years in a row ya!~ Also, one year missing a birthday present means the next year I get a bigger birthday present ah. )

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Phases of life

Hey yo.

I've realized that I don't really blog much lately. You know I always go through phases where I'm crazy over something?

There was the draw-and-color phase, the i-must-save-planet-earth-and-go-green phase, the i-am-crazy-over-social-networking phase, the i-love-Dr-Oz-and-must-live-healthy phase, the cooking phase, the crazy-over-shoes-and-shopping phase (actually this comes every mega sales season, too much evil temptation around, can't help it, not my fault), the i-bought-a-new-camera-and-need-to-capture-every-moment phase, the i-need-to-find-Looi-a-girlfriend phase, the temporary-syiok-sendiri phase, all the different food obsession phases.

Well I'm in another phase right now. The I-am-crazy-over-work phase. Because being a new manager is different. So much to learn. Learn from experience, learn from mistakes, learn from others, never a clear right or wrong decision.

Anyway, I've got another blog for the little choo choo train. So I won't bore people here about it. This will be the last you'll hear about the little choo choo train over here. :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

There is girl I know

There is this girl I know who is a wonderful wonderful friend.

She used to play video tapes of Brad Pitt on the TV, pause it, then take photos of the TV screen and later drag me to the photo shop after school  to develop those photos, causing me to miss my school bus. And we would then walk home together, under the sun with our heavy bags, so carefree without a worry in the world (oh those were during those internet-less days, the days where if you want a photo of your idol, you couldn't just download it from the internet, you have to improvise and think of other ways).

16 years of friendship, 16 years of good times, 16 times I wished her Happy Birthday.

So Happy 16th Day after your Birthday

*With bambi eyes* I'm sorry I forgot your birthday. Work is screwing up my memory cells. I suddenly remembered your birthday was I was wondering, "It's November, how come Mun Yi's birthday hasn't come yet". :P