Friday, December 4, 2009

Remember that feeling?

Remember that feeling when you were a young student and after studying for months, you have just finished your very last paper knowing that all the hard work has finally paid off. The feeling of a thousand tonne weight lifted from you as the examination invigilator starts collecting your answer sheet for the last time and you can't help but grin like a maniac to all your friends around you. The feeling that you can go home burn all your study books because you don't to look at them again. The feeling of absolute freedom knowing that as of that one moment, there's nothing in the world you can be worried about.

As you emerge from the examination hall, you feel so light you could fly off into the blue sky.

I miss that feeling of freedom.


Mindy said...

Ian: I used to do that do but not so neatly. I dumped all my books under my dining table and one day my rabbit did its pee pee all over it. ;P

Soo Huey: I'm not surprised. I remember how little your revision books were. Hahaha...