Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Useless ramblings

I think I put on weight la..... Lots of greasy burgers... ice-cream for dinner... lots of sweet stuff... and no dance aerobics...

McD burger here is huge... double the size of the burgers at home. Their medium size set is our large size at home. Can't imagine what their large size here is then.

I wonder why Americans need to eat so much.

I did my laundry yesterday and my already tiny pajami shorts have become even tinier... and my socks look like baby socks now.

Can't decide whether I'm happy or sad to be going home this Friday. I miss hubby at night, it's boring not having anybody to talk to so I end up addicted to the internet until late at night. But I don't miss him at all during the day though. The day is just too pretty. :)

I'm definitely more comfortable driving here now... comfortable enough to start speeding on the freeway. ;)

It's so dry here I've started getting wrinkles.

I know what I'm writing here is terribly boring, but Penang is working at this moment and too busy to talk to me and I'm so bored not have anybody to talk to, so I talk to my bloggy.

Oh, and bloggy is 1 years old today!!!! Can you believe it? I've been blogging about crap for 1 year. Oh how time flies... :)

Bored... going off to watch advertisements on TV now.


cylooi said...

Cool, its 1 year old!! Its been a fun 1 year following your blog, keep it up :)
I bet you will have a hard time follow up with aerobic next Tuesday.. See you back in Penang!

Ian said...

Ya, I'm going to explicitly tell George you have just came back from US, gained some pounds, no exercise for 2 weeks. :)

Better for me anyway. :P Some relieve from the attention lately!

Mindy said...

It will be no exercise for 3 weeks. I'm taking off on Monday.

I'm so gonna suffer when I go back... @.@

Mindy said...

Oh..... It's on Tuesday! I don't know why I thought it was on Monday..... I got not excuse to skip it now.