Monday, November 2, 2009

Oh how I love it here

After getting adjusted to the weather and driving here, I love it so much here.

  1. I love how branded stuff here is so much cheaper. I bought 3 pairs of shoes and 5 pairs of jeans/pants. Adidas, Levis, Dockers, DKNY, all so much cheaper here.
  2. I love the weather here. I know I complained that it was too cold and dry initially. But my nose has stop bleeding and I'm adjusting to to the weather here.
  3. I love San Francisco.
  4. I love the buildings here. All so pretty.
  5. I love the perfect cloudless blue sky
  6. I absolutely absolutely absolutely love that people bring their dogs out everywhere. It's so dog friendly here. I saw so many different kind of dogs here.
  7. I love the flow of traffic here. Much less stressful compared to traffic at home
  8. I love the piers here... soooo pretty...
  9. I love the hill that Kamal brought me up to. Absolutely breath-taking. If I had the weather like this at home, I would be hiking every weekend or so.
  10. I love how you can go biking and have picnics and go for walks at anytime of the day because of the wonderful weather.
  11. I love the fact that the main language here is English. People don't give me weird looks when I open my mouth and speak English.
  12. I love TV here. I still find it addictive. :)
  13. I love how people here are so much friendlier than back home.
  14. I love the endless possibility here. So much to do, so much to see, so much can happen.

However, no matter how many things there are to love over here, there's one main thing it lacks.

When someone placed his arm around me to pose for a photo today, I suddenly realized for the first time since I've been here how much I missed Yin How cuddling me. I miss cuddling him in the morning before I go to work. I miss cuddling him at night before i go to sleep. I miss whining to him about my Milo addiction at night (now that I don't get Milo at work) and feeling happy when I find a cup of Milo waiting for me on the dining table.

I miss my hubby.

So even though I initially thought of extending my stay here, I'm happy I'll be going back home soon.

And I'm looking forward to that bowl of laksa. :)


Pig said...

awww...i was worried you would give up on YH for the cloudless sky dy!! haha.. but I truly truly TRULY agree with you on loving the place :) It was the happiest time of my life :D Love the fact that everything in the place is so well thought of - the fact that they have 15 minutes parking lot..handicap lots that only needy ones would park (and not those who are perfectly limbed)..and lots more great deals that are FAIR and made available for ALL!


Mindy said...

Pig, it took me 1 whole week to figure that I prefer Yin How over the cloudless blue sky. It was a close choice, but that's my final decision. ;)

SY, Yin How still refuses to admit that he misses me. But I'll assume he does. And for now, I'd rather have a bowl of laksa instead of milo waiting for me at home.