Friday, March 26, 2010

The Boogies

Because I've been visiting my grandpa at the hospital frequently these past few days, it meant I was bumping into a lot of other relatives there. And Mindy is no family person, no siree.

Because of such frequent encounters, my 3 favourite boogie monsters take this opportunity to come out and play. The boogie monsters have been following me around everyday. There's the Self Pity boogie monster that sits beside me at night. And there's the Angry boogie monsters that's still so pissed off until now. And there's Depressed boogie monster sitting at the corner of my cube quietly making me wanna crawl back into bed into the arms of Self Pity boogie.

It's been a tough week having to entertain all the boogie. And I'm tired. So today I decided to have a 1-1 with the 3 of them. I decided to face them as a rational adult. I decided to make a deal with them. Leave me alone for just one weekend.

And you know what? It actually turned out okay. And whatever happens, for this one weekend, I shall be boogie free and happy.

And seriously, I'm convinced that I write a script about my family story, it would be a very successful TVB drama. I can envision how the drama will start and how the drama will end followed by the closing credits. Surely very entertaining wan, I guarantee you. ;)

See you again one day. I shall always love you, boogie or not.


yours truly said...

Awww mindt. *HUGS*.
Maybe our boogie monsters can have a play date one weekend, then we'll be boogie free for a while. ;)

Mindy said...

Haha.. then maybe our boogie monsters can fall in love and get married and move out of our lives. ;)