Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Welcome to Sang Spa

If you go to Bali, one of the must dos over there is to go for a spa. It's very very much cheaper over there. A normal body massage here would cost around RM60 - RM70 for 45 minutes. Before going to Bali, I booked the following package for the four of us girls.

Body Scrub + Mask ( 2 H 15 M ) Rp 180.000,-
This sacred body ritual will renew your body, mind and soul. Starting with a one hour traditional Balinese massage, you'll recieve a rice body scrub of your choice, a mineralizing mud mask or Balinese boreh treatment and finish off with a natural yogurt application to the skin.

That's about RM67. Very very very worth it.

When I booked the spa, I requested that the 4 of us to have our spa done at the same done. They granted our request with the condition that 2 of us have to be in the same the couple's room since they do not have that many rooms available.

When we reached the spa, customer service was excellent as expected. We sat in the couple's room while waiting for the 2 other individual rooms to be available. Jasmine was telling us how shameless she was and how she wouldn't mind using the couple room (without realizing she was shamelessly announcing to everybody else in the spa about how shameless she was. As you can see the rooms as just divided by bamboo walls)

In the end, I volunteered to share the couple's room with Jasmine. We were given a pair of disposable panties to wear and a towel to wrap around. And let's just say that the disposable panties were one size fit all. I turned it around a few times because there was too much cloth in the front and too little behind. I was wearing the most ugliest grandmother panties ever.

The two of us were giggling nervously at the thought of accidentally seeing each other naked. When the staff came in and told us that after the spa, the two of us had to share the same jacuzzi naked,


Jasmine dear... as much as I love you, I do not want to be bathing in a tub of flowers while we are both naked. You would be staring at my boobies and I would be staring at your boobies. And we suddenly wouldn't know what to say to each other.

The staff laughed at how embarassed we were and told us, "Mat Salleh girls... they don't mind seeing each other naked". Excuse me... I'm no Mat Salleh. As open as I am, I still cannot not bear the thought of being naked in a bath face to face with another person who is not my hubby.

In the end, much to my relief, the staff said they would bring us towels to cover ourselves. And thus the spa was going to begin when all of a sudden.... there was an electricity black out. I was relief again, because it meant we would be in the dark and Jasmine wouldn't see my boobies.

The 2 hour spa was heavenly. They started out with a full body massage. And when I say full, I mean full including your boobies and your naked butt. When I went for a massage in Penang, they put a towel across my chest so I wasn't as bare like this. But I didn't seem to have to problem letting the masseuse see my boobies.

I mean, she probably has seen all types of boobies out there right? Fat ones, skinny ones, dark ones, fair ones, beautiful ones, saggy ones, two by two. So the thought of her seeing my boobies seemed okay since it was part of her everyday job and it didn't bother me that much.

And yes I've noticed I'm using the word "boobies" a lot in this post.

After the body massage, then came the body scrub. That felt good............. After that, was the body mask where they put mud mask all over my body and wrapped me up like a cocoon. That felt good for a while until it started heating up and getting warmer and warmer.

Because Jasmine and I did not want to see each other's boobies, Jasmine got up and went to the shower first and started chit chating with the staff while they showered her. I was stuck in my cocoon silently screaming, "Jasmine!!! Quit talking... I need to get out of my cocoon before I start melting!!!".

Finally it came to my turn to shower. After the shower, they put yougurt all over my body and I showered it off again. Then they gave me a little towel to wrap my body and into the jacuzzi I went, where Jasmine was already waiting for me. The staff gave us our hot tea and left us alone in the room.

So there we were, 2 almost naked girls wearing grandmother panties in the jacuzzi filled with romantic flowers and only 2 candles for light.

The two of us started giggling and gigling and giggling. We were giggling so loudly and Mun Yi in the other room thought we must be giggling because we were bathing naked with each other.

I was clinging onto my towel the whole time like my life depended on it while Jasmine didn't feel that bothered about it and was playing with the flowers and drinking her tea happy and relaxed.

Jasmine mentioned how romantic it was and said I should do it with the hubby one day. But then she changed her mind and said the hubby might be turned off when he sees me wearing grandmother panties.

I was thinking, which would be more of a turn off... him seeing me wearing grandmother panties... or me seeing him wearing grandmother panties. Naughty images entered my mind. More giggling followed.

And just as our spa was about to end, the electricity came back on.

After the 2 hour spa, we were as happy as four girls could be. We felt so refreshed and renewed and our skin was as soft as a baby's bottom. We slipped into our dresses and got the staff there to drive us to Jazz cafe.

Look at how glowing our skin looks. Too bad I didn't show my legs off in the photo. Darn!

For more information about Sang Spa, go to

Okay... this should be the last post about Bali. You're probably sick of reading about my Bali craze by now.


Mindy said...

LOL.... felt like I had to censor that photo. It really looked like I was ready to strip. :P

Genny said...

ooooo i wanna go bali.... =D i never had a spa before =)

Mindy said...

You're gonna be so rich you'll be able to afford 10 trips to Bali!

I'm so jealous of you. ;)

Genny said...

haha, but after living expenses, my salary will shrink anyway =p maybe i should eat maggie mee everyday there to save for a car ^^
I just got the details today. They'll chip in for my accomodation, but i'll still have to pay USD 250 per month for rent. the rest is free~

pat said...

hahaha i really had a gud laugh at dis post!!!!!!!! :P