Thursday, May 6, 2010


The day started very early for me. Super early. Early as in pitched dark in the morning early. I woke up to find myself facing Russell's ass on my pillow. I got annoyed and pushed the dog away. For some reason, that made him start gagging and choking. I got up panicking, grabbed him by his paws and just as I was about to pulled him down from the bed, the dog vomited last night's dinner... right in the middle of my side of the bed.

No more mangoes for Russell anymore. Not when it ends up on my bed at goodness knows what time in the middle of the night.

And after changing the bedsheets, I couldn't sleep. I counted from 1 to 100. I counted how many times the hubby snored. I counted how many times Sparkle snored. I counted a whole bunch of blue sheep gracefully jumping over a fence and after another. I counted every freaking thing that I could think of counting. And after the air-con went to sleep at the end of the 1 hour timer, I was still wide awake.

Seriously, no more mangoes for Russell.

I really do think that the dog's sole purpose in life is to annoy me. Him and the hubby both. They both gang up and have daily brainstorming sessions on new ways to annoy me. I'm absolutely positive about it. They are both evil.

Going off to sleep now. Sleep deprived brain is shutting down. Zzzz....