Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Why I blog

I blog because a close friend moved to KL. I miss her and it's my way to keeping in touch with her. It's a way to keep in touch with all my friends.

I blog because sometimes my blog is a better listener than the hubby. The hubby says I talk too much. The male brain of his cannot process a long input of female words that came out non-stop. I rather talk to my blog anyway, hmph.

I blog because sometimes I'm too lazy to repeat the same story to everybody, so why not put it all down here so that everybody can read it.

I blog because it gives me a way to express colorful creativity. Something I can't really do at the very gray you-know-where.

I blog because the hubby amuses me. And his stories amuses others. So let's share the amusement around.

I blog because there's usually some random thing I'm into at different moments. And blogging to me is about capturing moments.

I blog because I need an outlet to express myself. Otherwise I'll bottle up and explode. You don't wanna see boogie exploding, no siree.

I blog because it gives me some "me time". I get to ask myself, "hey Mindy, what's on your mind today?"

I blog because there are wonderful people reading my blog. And that makes me want to blog even more.

I blog because.... I just like blogging. Must there really be a reason to blog? :)

This is to reply Chiao Ju's question. :)


Tan Shu-Yin said...

im glad u blog. i love reading ur blog. :)

m i one of the wonderful ppl who reads ur blog? :)

n im still in awe u r STILL blogging :)

chiaoju said...

now that's a long reply! =)

i enjoy reading your blog. if i hadn't know shu-yin, i doubt i would have ever come across your blog. it's a good thing i did. keep on blogging! =p

Mindy said...

Haha... sometimes i tend to be long-winded, thus long replies.

Of course you are the wonderful people who read my blog. And I enjoy reading your blogs too.

And actually, I have to agree with you, SY. I'm also in awe and I'm still blogging. hahahaha...