Sunday, May 23, 2010

The weekend

I went to Kopi Cine today. Forgot to take my camera so only took crappy photos with my handphone. I found the price of the food and drinks too pricey.

But I do love the concept of having coffee while browsing a book from their mini library. And I also got excited when I got to doodle on their tables using a cup full of colorful crayons.

Though it was embarrassing to know that the 7 year old kid from the other table could draw much better than me. My drawing sucks.

The hubby only doodled a few things. 

Use your imagination and guess which doodles are his.



cylooi said...

nice coffee shop, i should go visit on one of the weekends (when i am free)
I guess the first drawing is yours :)

Pig said...

I was there yesterday with fantastic company! :) As expected..I doodled my favorite pet :P or should I say PETS :P

MY Public Mutual Experience said...

I'm guessing that YH did the fingers in the last drawing. :)

Pig said... favorite pet = my nick :P

Waaa..Mun Yi is sooo observant!! It took me a while to even find "it"!! LOLx. Super artistic YH is.. :P

Soo Huey said...

min, 7 year olds get much more practice at drawing so u shouldnt be embarrassed... unless the 7yo comes over and asks you what yinhow juz drew!

Seng Piew said...

interesting 5 petal flowers that yh was doodling about. puzzled though by 2 flowers with an unusually big middle petal. what were u thinking about yh? just kidding... yh is the perfect son-in-law every father dreams of for his daughter. luv, daddums