Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Horse racing

The hubby always says he wants to bring his dad to the race course to watch the horses racing. It's something that he told me lots of times, one of his many "one day I shall do this" plans. I guess after all that has happened recently, the hubby realized that if you can do it now, don't wait for "one day". Because who knows whether that "one day" will come.

Anyway, the hubby and I both have been living in Penang for so long, but have never watched a horse race. So despite the freaking hot weather, I excitedly agreed to follow him.

When we reached the race course, the hubby and his dad transformed into two excited little boys. Just look at them, look at them. I've never seen the hubby and his dad so excited.

The hubby was really really really excited. Like the same excitement I feel when I see 50% sale in Vincci. If only the hubby sees shoes the way he sees the horses.

After all that happened recently, I've been obsessed with capturing moments. And I'm glad I caught this father and son moment. :)

I'm proud to say that I learned a few things when I was there. Like what all those numbers are. I bet you don't know. Ha!

And when the race begins, all the old men will get up and start yelling on the top of their voices. I've never seen so many energetic old men in my life.

And suddenly after a few races, I heard the hubby yelling as well. "Number 9, NUMBER 9, NUMBER 9!!! AIYOHHHHH... NOOO!!!!". *followed by all sorts of not-so-nice hand gestures*

It's exciting to see the horses run. The hubby played it safe and let his dad bet first. On the first bet, his dad already won RM200. After a few rounds of seeing his dad win money, the hubby decided to join in.

Let's just say in the end, he generously donated money to the horses instead. ;)


thefishdiary said...

nice pic, your SLR in good use again ;)

yin how definitely looking very very very HAPPY there!

Btw, you should feel thankful that it wasn't very packed and stinky :P

cylooi said...

Nice picture!! I like the first few picture that capture their moment!

Did you try to bet yourself??

Next time, please tell me how the horse number works :)

Mindy said...

Yea, the benches were not so packed because all the old men rather stand and crowd again the TV for better view.

I didn't bet. I never gamble with my hard earn money. The thought of losing money overcomes any excitement of winning money. I'm such a chicken :P

Pig said...

I've never been there before too!! I've always thought of going but the idea of jam-packed gamblers...not exactly very appealing. And indeed...what are those numbers on the blackboards about? BTW, isn't it ironic that they are all there to watch the horse race..but they are all busy looking at the TV screen?? :P

Mindy said...

Pig, you should go for the experience. It's actually not that packed if you sit on the benches. Most people crowd around the TV because the TV screen tells them which horse numbers are leading. If you sit on the bench you can't see until the horses reach your side.

Those numbers show how much you'll win if the horse you bet wins the race. Horses which most people bet on have a lower winning amount and vice versa.

It's actually quite interesting, for the first time la. If the hubby wants to go again, I'm not following. :P