Monday, July 13, 2009

Dr. Oz says...

I have mentioned it a few times before. I love Dr. Oz. He makes me want to be a healthier person. When Dr. Oz goes on the Oprah show, I'd have a notebook with me and I'd jot down everything he says.

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Take a look at the 3 woman above and guess thier ages. Answers are at the end of the post.

Dr. Oz says to look and have a younger body, we should follow the checklist below.

For more information, click here to go to the Oprah website.

I'm currently doing the following
  1. One green apple for breakfast, and if possible, other types of fruits later during the day
  2. Cook brown rice instead of white rice
  3. One cup of Anlene milk per day
  4. I put a green tea bag into my water bottle at work. Green tea is really good. It's high in antioxidants, reduces cholestrol, and research shows that it helps to prevent cancer and helps with weight management.
  5. I use olive oil instead of cooking oil
  6. One capsule of fish oil per day
  7. Eat wholemeal bread instead of white bread. Always look out for the term "wholegrain".
I still do eat unhealthy food, like my occasional cravings for KFC, but since I cook at home during weekdays, I try to choose food which are good for us.

Why my sudden interest to lead a healthier lifestyle? Well, I see all the health problems my grandparents are going through right now because of their unhealthy lifestyle they used to have. And it made me realize that health is not something to take for granted no matter how old we are.

And the answer to the question above, the lady on the left is 60 years old. Lady in the middle is 63. And lady on the right is 50.

Lady on the left looks freaking young. She maintains a healthy diet, has hobbies which she's passionate about and practiced yoga for 22 years, which made me syiok syiok want to try yoga. So far tried it twice, then lazy to try it again. :P

Lady in the middle also leads a healthy lifestyle. Lady on the right leds a stressful life and doesn't exercise and you can see she looks way older than the first two ladies.

So in conclusion, eat right, sleep right, and excercise right. Health cannot be taken for granted.


Mindy said...


I take Sakae Sushi's green tea. It's cheap and nice.

MY Public Mutual Experience said...

I've been taking green tea 5 days a week for these past months and I noticed that the menstrual pains I used to have are gone. :) So, I'm all for drinking green tea. Woo Hoo!

Pig said...

i seem to only remember the sex part...but it specifically says monogamous. Which means I have to find the "quality partner" else i'll get crappy "service".... darn!! LOLx!!

eh... the healthy diet guide sounds quite difficult leh..

Mindy said...

LOL, I guess we all know which option Ian is choosing then.

Yes, it's not so easy following the diet. That's why not all of us look like that 60 year old woman who looks like she's 40.

But some are easy, like drinking green tea everyday. :)

Ian said...

Oh actually, my advice was meant specifically for Pig. :) Me, I'll go for that, + a whole lot of other recommended tips! :P

Mindy said...

Oh, I'm sure you'll be practicing one more than the other ;)