Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas shopping - done

Just came back from Christmas shopping. I've finally finished all my Christmas shopping.. yay!~~~

Yin How's colleagues are visiting the orphanage for Christmas and they are all buying presents for the orphans. I helped Yin How buy presents for 5 of the orphans. And I have to say I enjoyed buying their presents the most. We were wondering around the toy section in JJ for half an hour, picking all sorts of toys. Yin How was following me behind carrying a big stack of toys, while I looked around to pick out more toys.

I think the feeling of buying toys for the orphans makes me a lot more happier then me receiving presents from others... I really encourage everyone to remember those who are less fortunate then us and that they too deserve a little Christmas joy. It really doesn't take much effort to do a little charity and feel good about it. :)

Can't wait for Christmas to meet up with everyone. :)