Sunday, December 21, 2008

How to clean a dirty home

Takes approximately 2 and half man hours (done by one person)

  1. Start by cleaning the laundry area a.k.a. the dogs toilet

  2. Use the feather duster to dust away all the dust on the shelves, cabinets, tv, etc...

  3. Vacumn the whole place (it's encouraged to do this before Step 4 because Step 4 drains a lot of energy)

  4. Trick the dogs to go into the laundry area using dog biscuits, then bath both of them one at the time (you can try bathing both together at once, but they will gang up against you)

  5. Lock the two wet crazed dogs in the balcony to dry them in the sun

  6. Mop the whole place. (Step 4 & 5 must be done before Step 6 to ensure no dirty doggie paw prints on the freshly mopped floor)

  7. Clean the dining table and the coffee table

  8. Make yourself a drink, sit on the sofa and marvel at how clean the place is, while the dogs look at you miserably through the balcony door

  9. Open the balcony door and sigh while watching the dogs make new doggie paw prints on the clean floor

  10. The clean effect will last for only a day. Repeat steps 1 - 9 again the next weekend.