Monday, December 15, 2008

A dance aerobics achievement

I'm sitting in my cubicle soak in sweat, my face as red as a tomato, muscles barely able to support my hands onto my keyboard. Need to cool down after dance aerobics so taking some time to key down a few words.

For the first time ever, I lasted in dance aerobics longer than Looi and Ian (both of them were giving up towards the end). Small victory for me... Woohoo!!

Usually I'm the one who gives up first, so I'm proud of myself for lasting longer then the big strong Looi and the tall butt-shaking Ian this time (you should see him shake his butt, the instructor will usually praise him, "YES... very GOOD Ian!" causing me to burst into laughter, losing all concentration on shaking my own butt).

I'm jotting this down as a "today in history" event... and because I've got nothing else to do while waiting for my muscles to regain functionality again. :)


Butt-shaking-Ian said...

Very funny Mindy. I'm still recovering from Friday's team building exertion, so...I'll be back at full strength next week!
Watch my butt shake ya!

Looi (ogre) said...

hahaha... I almost pengsan on that session. I need to catch up to your level fast... Keep it up! :D

jeanne said...

Butt-shaking-Ian... muahahaha...
Mindy, you are getting stronger. Me too striving hard to stay till the end -.-