Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's just one of those days

Had an early meeting with da remote boss this morning. I set my alarm clock earlier so that I would reach work on time. It was a rushy rushy scramble in the morning to get ready to work.

Went down and my car remote control decided to be cranky and refused to unlock my car. It's somehow always when I have an early meeting when something must go wrong. I had no choice but to open my car and let the alarm go off, probably waking up a few residents in the process. Rushed over to find the "secret" red button under the glove box to turn off the alarm.

Zoomed off in the car and as I made a turning, something fell down from my car. Dunno what it was, don't care either. Gotta get to work, gotta get to work.

But then realized that my access card was missing. Hmmm.. thinking about it, I think I left my access card on my car roof when I was trying to turn off the alarm.

Drove another circle around my condo hunting for my access card on the road. But then started to realize people were staring at me. Was my little Kelisa that noisy? Passed two old ladies who were laughing and pointing at me now. Okay, maybe I should stop.

The two old ladies were nice enough to tell me that I was driving around with my sport shoes on top of my car. If it wasn't that I was hunting for my access card, I would be driving on the highway all the way to work with my sport shoes on my roof.

Reached work 15 minutes late. Yup, it's just one of those days....

So if one day, while you are driving to work in the morning and you suddenly see one sport shoe flying towards you, don't be alarmed. It's probably just me rushing to another early morning meeting.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The weekend

I went to Kopi Cine today. Forgot to take my camera so only took crappy photos with my handphone. I found the price of the food and drinks too pricey.

But I do love the concept of having coffee while browsing a book from their mini library. And I also got excited when I got to doodle on their tables using a cup full of colorful crayons.

Though it was embarrassing to know that the 7 year old kid from the other table could draw much better than me. My drawing sucks.

The hubby only doodled a few things. 

Use your imagination and guess which doodles are his.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Little sisters

I was there wrapped with a tower, dripping wet and shivering after coming out from a hot shower because I ran out of conditioner, thinking that since the sister is away, I could finally take back my conditioner which she stole from me weeks ago,

Only to find myself staring in disbelief at my other bathroom.


Oh yes, God put little sisters on earth with the purpose of annoying their bigger sisters. And the darling sister of mine who is on the other side of the earth still manages to do so.

And I can hear you giggling as you read this. You owe me 1 bottle of shampoo, conditioner and a pair of Adidas sneakers, YOU HEAR ME!~

While on the topic of sisters, In Her Shoes is a great books to read about two sisters. I enjoyed the book! :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

A blue blue Monday

It's a very blue Monday. The type of Mondays where I'm very tempted to call the boss and say I can't go to work.With 32 days of leave, any excuse to take a day off from work is justified, I don't care.

I can't decide why I'm so blue right now. I can't decide whether it's because I'm missing the sister, or because I'm sooooooooooooo jealous of her right now.

My baby sister is currently at Austin, Texas, and will be doing her internship there for the next 5 months. She will be paid in USD and after converting that salary of hers to Ringgit, it becomes a 5 digit number. Yup, that's how much they pay their interns over there. Makes me realize that what they pay us here is really peanuts.

Not only that, she gets to stay in a pretty apartment and they even organize road trips around Texas for the interns. Did I mention how envious I am yet?

I'm sooooo proud that the baby sister has gotten this oppurtunity. Though I wish I could pack myself in her luggage bag and follow her there. But being my sister, something has got to happen to her and this time she lost her luggage during the journey. Seems like MAS did not transfer her check-in luggage to Cathay and her luggage is goodness knows where in the world, leaving her with no clothes to wear currently.

If you wanna follow her adventures as a overly-excited, extremely-enthusiastic, ready-to-conquer-the-world intern in Texas, you can follow her blog. http://gennysmanythoughts.blogspot.com/

I think I've decided. I'm feeling blue because I miss her (even though I boasted to the hubby a few days ago that I couldn't wait to ship her off to Texas). It's just that she's so far away, and I can't even call her to nag her anymore, especially since I've got to help track her missing luggage from over here. :(

Genny, you better come back here after you finish your internship. Don't even think about your plan of finding a rich Texas oil man so that you don't have to come back here, YOU HEAR ME!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Last night...

I had a bad headache last night. So I went into the bedroom to rest. I could head all sort of noises from the hubby coming from the living room.

"Aiyoh".... "Haiiiiiii....".... "Haiyoh..."... "Arghhh"...

Like he was physically in pain. This went on for a while. Until he came into the bedroom with sad puppy eyes.

The hubby was watching the Thomas Cup. The the hubby suffers from emotional constipation but has no problem being emotional involved when it comes to watching sports. I shall never understand why.

 I guess the game didn't end up so well huh.. :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What a married man thinks

One day, the hubby went out for dinner with a group of other married men. After the dinner, the hubby proudly told me the summary for what they discussed over dinner.

  1. Woman talk too much
  2. Woman complain too much to their husbands. When something happens at work, they tell their husbands every tiny detail that happen. What A said to B. And then what B did to C. And how A found out about C. "And then ah.... and then ah... ARE YOU LISTENING OR NOT?.. ." Yata yata yata yata.... As if the husband can do anything about it.
  3. Men swear by this oath. "I promise to tell my wife the truth. But not the whole truth".
And I'm fully aware of that oath. Now and then the hubby will out of the blue tell me stuff like, "Remember when we were in college and I promised you I'll go straight back home after I left your place late at night? I actually went to the cyber cafe instead and played Counter Strike until the next morning."  And then continues to giggle at his own genius mischief.

Yup, the hubby tells me the truth... 8 years later when he knows I'll no longer be angry about it. The hubby is a smart man.

Since the hubby says I talk too much, I decided to use the male's technique of just giving a summarized version of stories. The hubby was happy, until one day something interesting happened at work. So I told him "summarized" version. The hubby was curious and wanted to know more. But hey, like he mentioned before, men only want the summarized version of the story, so the summarized version I gave. Nothing more, nothing less.

Apparently the curiosity got the better of the hubby. And to my dismay, he then did what a women normally does to get her way when she wants something from her man....

He gave me....... 


And not just any silent treatment. It's that special kind of silent treatment a woman gives a man to make it very obvious that she's sulking about something. The type where she'll still talk to the man a sentence or two, then suddenly remembers that she's suppose to be in sulking mode, and then pretends to be angry again just to make her point.

WTF. Throughout all my relationship with the hubby, he has never given me the sulky silent treatment to me. How dare he use a woman's technique to go against my usage of a male's technique to summarizing stories.

After going on like that for two days, we both gave up. A man is not suited to use a woman's technique. And a woman is not suited to use a man's technique.

For this round of the battle of the sexes, I shall call it an even.


P/S - I know this sounds random, but I just remembered that there's a new episode of GLEE showing today... YAY!!!~~~ I was telling a bunch of people who have never heard about Glee how they must watch Glee. And when I tried to describe to them what Glee is, it ended up sounding like High School Musical which left them staring at me with very skeptical unconvinced looks.

But seriously, WATCH GLEE.

And American Idol this year is boring. I only person I like is Lee. I'm sure he is going to win :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Why I blog

I blog because a close friend moved to KL. I miss her and it's my way to keeping in touch with her. It's a way to keep in touch with all my friends.

I blog because sometimes my blog is a better listener than the hubby. The hubby says I talk too much. The male brain of his cannot process a long input of female words that came out non-stop. I rather talk to my blog anyway, hmph.

I blog because sometimes I'm too lazy to repeat the same story to everybody, so why not put it all down here so that everybody can read it.

I blog because it gives me a way to express colorful creativity. Something I can't really do at the very gray you-know-where.

I blog because the hubby amuses me. And his stories amuses others. So let's share the amusement around.

I blog because there's usually some random thing I'm into at different moments. And blogging to me is about capturing moments.

I blog because I need an outlet to express myself. Otherwise I'll bottle up and explode. You don't wanna see boogie exploding, no siree.

I blog because it gives me some "me time". I get to ask myself, "hey Mindy, what's on your mind today?"

I blog because there are wonderful people reading my blog. And that makes me want to blog even more.

I blog because.... I just like blogging. Must there really be a reason to blog? :)

This is to reply Chiao Ju's question. :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A decade to celebrate

10 years ago, a skinny boy took a freckle-face girl to watch the lamest Chinese ghost story ever, "Dail D for Demon". During that movie, the skinny boy whispered into the girl's ear and asked her, "Do you want to be my girlfriend?". The freckle-face girl giggled and whispered, "Yes".

And that was the best decision that girl ever made in her life.

Happy 10th Anniversary, skinny boy. The freckle-face girl will love you always.


Thursday, May 6, 2010


The day started very early for me. Super early. Early as in pitched dark in the morning early. I woke up to find myself facing Russell's ass on my pillow. I got annoyed and pushed the dog away. For some reason, that made him start gagging and choking. I got up panicking, grabbed him by his paws and just as I was about to pulled him down from the bed, the dog vomited last night's dinner... right in the middle of my side of the bed.

No more mangoes for Russell anymore. Not when it ends up on my bed at goodness knows what time in the middle of the night.

And after changing the bedsheets, I couldn't sleep. I counted from 1 to 100. I counted how many times the hubby snored. I counted how many times Sparkle snored. I counted a whole bunch of blue sheep gracefully jumping over a fence and after another. I counted every freaking thing that I could think of counting. And after the air-con went to sleep at the end of the 1 hour timer, I was still wide awake.

Seriously, no more mangoes for Russell.

I really do think that the dog's sole purpose in life is to annoy me. Him and the hubby both. They both gang up and have daily brainstorming sessions on new ways to annoy me. I'm absolutely positive about it. They are both evil.

Going off to sleep now. Sleep deprived brain is shutting down. Zzzz....

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Horse racing

The hubby always says he wants to bring his dad to the race course to watch the horses racing. It's something that he told me lots of times, one of his many "one day I shall do this" plans. I guess after all that has happened recently, the hubby realized that if you can do it now, don't wait for "one day". Because who knows whether that "one day" will come.

Anyway, the hubby and I both have been living in Penang for so long, but have never watched a horse race. So despite the freaking hot weather, I excitedly agreed to follow him.

When we reached the race course, the hubby and his dad transformed into two excited little boys. Just look at them, look at them. I've never seen the hubby and his dad so excited.

The hubby was really really really excited. Like the same excitement I feel when I see 50% sale in Vincci. If only the hubby sees shoes the way he sees the horses.

After all that happened recently, I've been obsessed with capturing moments. And I'm glad I caught this father and son moment. :)

I'm proud to say that I learned a few things when I was there. Like what all those numbers are. I bet you don't know. Ha!

And when the race begins, all the old men will get up and start yelling on the top of their voices. I've never seen so many energetic old men in my life.

And suddenly after a few races, I heard the hubby yelling as well. "Number 9, NUMBER 9, NUMBER 9!!! AIYOHHHHH... NOOO!!!!". *followed by all sorts of not-so-nice hand gestures*

It's exciting to see the horses run. The hubby played it safe and let his dad bet first. On the first bet, his dad already won RM200. After a few rounds of seeing his dad win money, the hubby decided to join in.

Let's just say in the end, he generously donated money to the horses instead. ;)