Saturday, May 15, 2010

Last night...

I had a bad headache last night. So I went into the bedroom to rest. I could head all sort of noises from the hubby coming from the living room.

"Aiyoh".... "Haiiiiiii....".... "Haiyoh..."... "Arghhh"...

Like he was physically in pain. This went on for a while. Until he came into the bedroom with sad puppy eyes.

The hubby was watching the Thomas Cup. The the hubby suffers from emotional constipation but has no problem being emotional involved when it comes to watching sports. I shall never understand why.

 I guess the game didn't end up so well huh.. :)


Loo Seng said...

aiya... and world cup football hasn't even started yet! u are gonna have an even worse time soon! :( :) daddums.