Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What a married man thinks

One day, the hubby went out for dinner with a group of other married men. After the dinner, the hubby proudly told me the summary for what they discussed over dinner.

  1. Woman talk too much
  2. Woman complain too much to their husbands. When something happens at work, they tell their husbands every tiny detail that happen. What A said to B. And then what B did to C. And how A found out about C. "And then ah.... and then ah... ARE YOU LISTENING OR NOT?.. ." Yata yata yata yata.... As if the husband can do anything about it.
  3. Men swear by this oath. "I promise to tell my wife the truth. But not the whole truth".
And I'm fully aware of that oath. Now and then the hubby will out of the blue tell me stuff like, "Remember when we were in college and I promised you I'll go straight back home after I left your place late at night? I actually went to the cyber cafe instead and played Counter Strike until the next morning."  And then continues to giggle at his own genius mischief.

Yup, the hubby tells me the truth... 8 years later when he knows I'll no longer be angry about it. The hubby is a smart man.

Since the hubby says I talk too much, I decided to use the male's technique of just giving a summarized version of stories. The hubby was happy, until one day something interesting happened at work. So I told him "summarized" version. The hubby was curious and wanted to know more. But hey, like he mentioned before, men only want the summarized version of the story, so the summarized version I gave. Nothing more, nothing less.

Apparently the curiosity got the better of the hubby. And to my dismay, he then did what a women normally does to get her way when she wants something from her man....

He gave me....... 


And not just any silent treatment. It's that special kind of silent treatment a woman gives a man to make it very obvious that she's sulking about something. The type where she'll still talk to the man a sentence or two, then suddenly remembers that she's suppose to be in sulking mode, and then pretends to be angry again just to make her point.

WTF. Throughout all my relationship with the hubby, he has never given me the sulky silent treatment to me. How dare he use a woman's technique to go against my usage of a male's technique to summarizing stories.

After going on like that for two days, we both gave up. A man is not suited to use a woman's technique. And a woman is not suited to use a man's technique.

For this round of the battle of the sexes, I shall call it an even.


P/S - I know this sounds random, but I just remembered that there's a new episode of GLEE showing today... YAY!!!~~~ I was telling a bunch of people who have never heard about Glee how they must watch Glee. And when I tried to describe to them what Glee is, it ended up sounding like High School Musical which left them staring at me with very skeptical unconvinced looks.

But seriously, WATCH GLEE.

And American Idol this year is boring. I only person I like is Lee. I'm sure he is going to win :)


thefishdiary said...

Exactly. Plus, we are not expecting them to do something, we just need someone to listen sometime.

Btw, me too get upset about the AI. Seems like Lee is the only good one.

and, about Glee... Hmmm... =P
Although I wanted to say it is not my cup of tea, but hey, I got hooked till e10 now. So ...

chiaoju said...

yay lee!!!! i'm rooting for him too. =) and yay GLEE! hellooooooooooooo!!! =P

Tan Shu-Yin said...

I am a GLEEK too!!! :)

and i HATE sue sylvester. haha. as sue Cs it! blueks!

Mindy said...

Men cannot listen. They have a memory and an attention span as short as a goldfish. :P

Ya ya ya, I love love love "Hello". Went to youtube to watch it again and again. I think it's one of my favourite songs from Glee currently.

Can't wait for next week's Madonna episode!!!~~~~

Gosh, I can't remember the last time I've been so crazy over a show. Brings me back to my teenage years. Hahaha...

Mindy said...

Oh, and I find "as Sue Cs it" hilarious. I love every character in that show.

thefishdiary said...

ya, i think that helps relieving home-sickness :P