Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's just one of those days

Had an early meeting with da remote boss this morning. I set my alarm clock earlier so that I would reach work on time. It was a rushy rushy scramble in the morning to get ready to work.

Went down and my car remote control decided to be cranky and refused to unlock my car. It's somehow always when I have an early meeting when something must go wrong. I had no choice but to open my car and let the alarm go off, probably waking up a few residents in the process. Rushed over to find the "secret" red button under the glove box to turn off the alarm.

Zoomed off in the car and as I made a turning, something fell down from my car. Dunno what it was, don't care either. Gotta get to work, gotta get to work.

But then realized that my access card was missing. Hmmm.. thinking about it, I think I left my access card on my car roof when I was trying to turn off the alarm.

Drove another circle around my condo hunting for my access card on the road. But then started to realize people were staring at me. Was my little Kelisa that noisy? Passed two old ladies who were laughing and pointing at me now. Okay, maybe I should stop.

The two old ladies were nice enough to tell me that I was driving around with my sport shoes on top of my car. If it wasn't that I was hunting for my access card, I would be driving on the highway all the way to work with my sport shoes on my roof.

Reached work 15 minutes late. Yup, it's just one of those days....

So if one day, while you are driving to work in the morning and you suddenly see one sport shoe flying towards you, don't be alarmed. It's probably just me rushing to another early morning meeting.


Pig said...

And did you find your access card? :P This sounds too much for a weekday morning! I would have given up and called in sick

Darth said...

I am Darth Vader, or at least Daft Vader, no longer known as daddums.

Darth Vader was the creep in black who stunned Luke Skywalker with the words, "I am your father!" that sounded like a digital audio recording of a human voice uttered into a hollow tin coffee cup.

Aiya, u have to decide whether u wanna live according to analog or digital clocks. Either way, 'tis just one of those days.... only 15 minutes late for work mah; so still A-ok lah!

Where got such thing as late for work under flexi work timetable? Even your boss very flexi understanding one mah despite your own confusion!

U wouldn't want to know what I am like when i am confused. I almost did not make it into the new millennium because my car tyre exploded on high speed along the N-S highway in 1999 with 2 passengers - genny and mummy. Somehow, all 3 persons survived. You were very nearly orphaned! Even if 1 car tyre explodes at high speed on the highway, in most cases, the consequences are very tragic!

Was it because I the driver was calm and cool... or perhaps there is a God after all?


Genny said...

You made me explode with a round of giggles in the living room! My housemates probably think I've lost my marbles =p

I can't believe you were driving with your sports shoes on top of your car =D i still can't stop laughing~